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From the Critics

“A beautiful and contemplative look at Crewdson’s process.” — The Paris Review

“With marvelous discipline, Mr. Shapiro … smoothly communicates the group effort required to achieve the perfect shot.” — Jeanette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“Anyone haunted by Mr. Crewdson’s photographs, each one as complex in orchestration as a movie scene, will be compelled as the methodical process is revealed.” — Steve Dollar, The Wall Street Journal

“A brilliant new documentary about the work of one of America’s greatest living photographers”. — Flush Magazine (UK)

“Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters is a refreshingly frank look at the artistic process, as comprehensive and lovingly realized as the work it pays tribute to.” — Filmmaker Magazine (US)

A fascinating portrait of the artist and his astonishing image … [it's] difficult if not impossible to look away from once it gets going — not at all unlike Crewdson’s photographs.” — New Orleans Times Picayune (US Cialis)

Seek out this wonderful film – it is one of my personal favorites in the endless stream of art documentaries released in the past year and I could not recommend it more highly.” — TASJ Magazine (US)

“Engrossing … [Crewdson’s world] is a terrible, lovely, uncanny sort of place, a real-world Twilight Zone of Americana” — Austin Chronicle, SXSW Pick (US)

“For its ability to ‘move the soul and inspire a true sense of wonder’, I selected it as one of my Top Docs of the 2012 SXSW Film Festival.” — Larry Richman, Indie Film Analysis (US)

Interviews & Reviews

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Director Interview
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05.12 // Flush magazine (UK)
Film Review & Photo Feature
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03.12 // Filmmaker magazine (USA)
Director Interview
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Film Review & Director Interview
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